Keys to Planning Book Study: Are You In?

It’s always the same: Spring Break comes and I collapse into a heap of over-tired goo and hibernate for one blissful week (this time it was on a beach in Mexico). Inevitably, though, it ends and the same two things happen every. year: 

  1. I panic just thinking about how much I have to do before the end of the school year (what do you mean we only have NINE WEEKS LEFT?!).
  2. I already start to think about what I want to do next school year (I’m a masochist, I know).

Well, there’s not much I can do to solve the first situation other than just ride the wave, but the second one I am more than happy to address! If you read my CSCTFL16 takeaway post, you’d know that Laura Terrill’s session on the Keys to Planning for Learning rocked my world. I certainly wasn’t the only one – in fact, the session wasn’t even over yet when Laura Sexton leaned over and whispered, “Book study?”

Um, YES PLEASE. And I’m thrilled to report that 20+ others have happily said the same. Virtual PD, for the win!

The plan is this:

  1. Begin studying the book in earnest in July – 1 chapter per week (five chapters total)
  2. Share our questions as we read
  3. Post ideas and inspiration as we go along
  4. Conduct Google Hangouts on Thursdays (if you’re missing your #langchat fix) to discuss each of the chapters

The bulk of the discussion will take place via Laura’s LangCamp community. Follow the link for more details on how to become a member if you are not already subscribed. Keep an eye on Twitter though – I’m sure I’ll be Tweeting out my favorite nuggets of inspiration as I read.

So all that’s left is to decide – are you in?!



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