About Megan

meI am a fourth-year French teacher living and working in the metro Detroit area. I am a department of one in a sea of Spanish and currently teach levels 2-5AP of French in a large, suburban high school. I am passionate about the French language and culture, traveling to new places, and also eating really good food. Recently converted to TPRS/CI methods, I am striving to create a classroom where French is spoken, read, heard often and written and where culture is not a footnote in a textbook. This is my journey, and I hope it may be helpful to those who are also looking to do the same.

4 thoughts on “About Megan

  1. Hi Megan! I’m interested in becoming a secondary French teacher, but unfortunately the university near me does not have a path for this. This makes me really curious as to how other individuals have received their endorsements. Would you be open to sharing how you entered the field? Many thanks for your time!


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