My End-of-Year Confessions

Last year, I wrote a post on my End of Year Confessions and man did it feel good to get those things off my chest and, based on other blogs that I follow, know that I was not alone in my I am so done-ness. We still have 19 wake-ups to go before the end of the year (which seems like an impossible, insurmountable number which I know is overly dramatic but whatever) but, like the kids, I am just so tired. And so done.

All of the things I wrote about in my Confessions post last year are still true. I’ve been eating an embarassing amount of frozen food. I looked at my calendar and realized that the number of free, no-plan weekends I’ll have this summer totals…two. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. And so, I really only have one new thing to add to this year’s Confessions, but it’s a big one, and the main reason my blog has been so quiet this year – because my attention has been totally, completely elsewhere.

I’m taking a break from teaching.

Well, sort of. I am returning to the classroom in the fall as a student, which will be funded largely by teaching undergraduate French classes as I pursue my Master’s degree in French and Francophone Studies at Penn State University.

It’s been a long time coming – I told myself when I hired in at my current job that I would give myself five years. I wanted to fully cycle through a group of kids from start to finish, see how much I could really accomplish and teach them. As of this year, I’ll have done that and even though I go through the typical anxiety periods of Am I crazy for leaving a full-time job with salary and benefits to live the life of a poor college student again? I know that the choice I’m making is the right one. I am taking steps to better myself, which will in turn benefit my students when I return to the secondary classroom. I live and work only 20 minutes away from where I grew up and while there’s nothing wrong with that, at almost 29 years old (and marriage & maybe babies on the horizon) I know that I need to go knock out a few more adventures. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking, Well, someday when I get my graduate degree… or Someday, I’d really like to move away and live in such-and-such city…but when is “someday”? It’s really true what they say – if you want something, you have to go and get it. Sometimes the best opportunities are the ones we create for ourselves.

So, that’s my confession – big changes are on the horizon! I am both excited and terrified; happy and sad. It’s been a mix of emotions and I’m really trying to not wish away my time here in Michigan because it will be gone before I know it. I do still plan on posting and sharing here; I am really looking forward to seeing what it’s like to teach college-level courses and how much of my high school teaching experience I can bring into this entirely new demographic.

Thanks for following along on this crazy journey and BONNE CHANCE as we finish up the end of this school year!


6 thoughts on “My End-of-Year Confessions

  1. Congratulations! It’s a huge step, which makes it scary, but stick to the plan. I am thinking of going back and getting my doctorate in Education. Mostly my thoughts go like this: Living off cold left-over pizza and struggling to write papers while grading papers in another language? Really? AGAIN?
    And yet, and yet—yep, I’m going to go for it. Good luck to you! And have fun; it’s really part of the process.


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