End of Year Confessions

This morning when I logged to my computer on before first hour, I noticed Allison‘s post about end-of-year confessions. While we still have a month (!!!!) left of school, I had to laugh out loud – I’ve already started having those Well…there’s always next year thoughts, particularly on days which don’t go according to plan (which is most of them, at this point in the year).

To say that we’re all a little tired would be a major understatement – maybe it’s because I’m teaching mostly upperclassmen this year which is unusual for me, but I’m noticing that way more of my kids have already burnt out than at this time in years past. I can’t lie – I’m right there with them!

My End-of-Year Confessions

  1. The number of mornings that I’ve woken up way past my alarm (like, get-ready-to-go-in-twenty-minutes-or-less) is embarassing. I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse.
  2. On a semi-related note to number #1, the impressive stash of Lean Cuisines in my freezer is what’s keeping me sustained on days that I just can’t pack another freaking lunch (which is most days).  I’d love to say that I’ve put that bunch of kale in my fridge to good use but I’m too tired and lazy to want to chop it up. Maybe tomorrow. Don’t even ask what I’m doing for dinner – it probably involves lunch meat and crackers or a bowl of cereal.
  3. While I’d love to say I’ve been putting my prep hour to good use by grading the mountain of work that needs attention or packing up my classroom in preparation for this summer’s construction, mostly I stare off into space and wait for Jesus to e-mail me.
  4. French 4 wants to spend the whole hour having casual conversations in French instead of sticking to my lesson plan? Knock yourselves out, kiddos. Sounds good to me.
  5. No, I most certainly have NOT fantasized about taking a “personal business” day to watch Gilmore Girls re-runs on my couch and play with my dog. Nooope.
  6. As stressful as the end of the school year always is, I am actually dreading summer – I have an incredible amount of things to accomplish and the thought of flying through June and July with travel and having only August to do the things that need to get done makes me anxious and worried.
  7. Purging my predecessor’s belongings has given me an almost unquenchable thirst to just get rid of everything else – including the desk and file cabinets the remaining stuff is currently stored in.
  8. So, about those classroom jobs that each student was assigned this year…
  9. Gym membership? I have a gym membership?
  10. I love my students, but I’m really looking forward to not having to be “Mademoiselle” for a few months and go back to being Megan for a while. Not to mention not having to fulfill this role constantly: resized_genie-meme-generator-poof-whaddya-need-a3f582

8 thoughts on “End of Year Confessions

  1. Dude. Lean Cuisines? I live off of Easy Mac and Diet Coke year round! And I’ve been to the gym approximately twice since November. (I do not have a membership–I pay by the month, and, well, I haven’t had to pay in a while.)

    Also, I think French 4 casual conversations sound awesome.

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