Petit Prince Interactive Notebooks Chapters 1-4

Reading of Le Petit Prince is fully underway in my French 4/AP split and we are working diligently on our Interactive Notebooks! The only downside to reading this novel is perhaps that I have too many fun ideas to accompany each chapter! I’ve been having to reign myself in on the pre- and post-reading activities and remember that we do still have to actually set aside the time to read each chapter!

So how has it been going so far?

Chapter One

The first two chapters of Petit Prince are two of the book’s most iconic so I wanted to spend a good amount of time on each. To intro chapter one, my students did an Anticipation Guide that I had prepared from a document I saw years ago that was originally in English (I can’t find the original source again, or I would credit them!) If there are any grammar oddities, please let me know – I’m far from perfect :). We did a Beyond “Oui” and “Non” game to review their answers to each statement. This was the first page in their Interactive Notebooks – I wanted them to paste in their original survey so we could then revisit it at the end of the book. We also included a vocabulary foldable for the first chapter to refer to when reading, and then wrote a journal response to the following question: What do children understand that adults do not? After all of that, we read chapter one together and I used Lisa Shepard’s True/False questions to check their comprehension at the end.

Chapters Two and Three

We read both of these chapters in one day, and it was also the first day of our Reading Club, an idea I shamelessly stole from Carrie Toth! The groups seemed to work out really well and each group had a variety of things to add to their Interactive Notebooks.

I provided each group with vocabulary for both chapters, using Clip Art to illustrate rather than plain definitions. The kids pasted the pictures into their notebooks and added any other notes to clarify as necessary. Then, we separated into our groups and each group had a different task to perform.

Groupe Alpha: Read the chapter together aloud and then the group summarized in English what they understood.

Groupe Coopératif: Read the chapter together and completed a Comic Strip summary of chapters 1-3 in their notebooks.

Groupe Indépendant: Read the chapter individually (or with a partner) and responded to comprehension questions in their notebooks.

Chapter Four

As with the other chapters, we illustrated the new vocabulary in our notebooks first (only about 7 new words). Then, we split up into our reading groups and groups Cooperatif and Independent sketched a summary of the chapter while group Alpha orally reviewed the chapter with me (they’re a group that needs a little more support).

Everyone also received a Character Map that we will add to as we meet more characters – until now there are only two; the narrator and the Petit Prince.

The kids seem to be enjoying the book so far and I am on my toes attempting to keep the reading process as “novel” (haha) and efficient as possible. I’m not sure if I’m “doing” the Interactive Notebooks right or not, but I’m planning on a catch-up day on Friday to add any stray pieces, color, finish up any stray journal entries, etc. I will try to take more pictures to include as we progress!



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