Le Monde du Travail

My French 4/AP split is starting a unit called Le Monde du Travail (the world of work). It’s a follow-up to our unit on the French school system and I wanted to introduce the vocabulary in a way that was in-context but also personally relevant to the students.  Since most of my students at this level are juniors/seniors, they’re at the time in their lives when they’re starting to mull over career choices so I’m hoping this will be an interesting unit for them.

So, how to introduce professions? How could I create a vocabulary list for the unit that wasn’t completely unmanageable, considering the many professions that exist in the world? I didn’t want to give them too much, but I also didn’t want to leave off any jobs that might be of interest to the students.


I projected the following question in French on the SmartBoard: How do you imagine your future? The students discussed this question with their table groups. This was a good opportunity for us to also review the formation of the futur simple (will be, will do, etc). I randomly called on students for answers afterward, or took volunteers as willing.

Then, using the iPads, each student went to http://www.toutpourreussir.com/orientest. I found this website on a total whim and was shocked and amazed at how relevant it was to what I would be teaching AND at its level of comprehensibility! The test is broken down into five sections and asks students to rate themselves based on a series of statements/criteria. I found that for my kids, it really was input + 1. The students needed very little support from me to understand each of the questions. When they finished the test, they received a list of possible career options. The extra-cool thing was that they could click on the name of each profession and it gave a short job description, so if a student wasn’t sure about what an esthéticien was, they could read the description and find out.

Following the little “quiz” the students discussed in pairs the following questions:

  1. What careers did the quiz suggest for you? Do you agree with the choices or not? Why?
  2. If you had to choose one of the careers on the list, which one would you choose and why?
  3. Is there a career on the list that you’ve never considered? Which one?

All in all, a fun, personal way to introduce career-related vocab, in French, with an authentic resource! I’d say that’s a win-win situation.

Bonne continuation!

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