Listening and Culture for French Teachers

Anybody who has spent at least a portion of time traveling within the boundaries of l’Hexagone is undoubtedly familiar with the railway agency SNCF (not to mention it’s oddly formidable three-tone announcement alert). It’s the railway agency that services all of France, and through which the TGV is operated.

Well, did you also know that they have a totally awesome YouTube channel?! I sure didn’t, and I spend a lot of time on YouTube perusing videos that I could potentially use in class that aren’t either 1. too long 2. too boring 3. not relevant to student interests.Their videos are three of my absolute favorite things:

1. short

2. engaging

3. a great blend of language and real culture!

The hosts in the videos are young, enthusiastic, and very engaging. The SNCF-Voyages YouTube channel features videos on a wide range of topics: the chateau de la Loire, Versailles, Paris, Bordeaux, the Calanques in Marseille, what to see and do in Quebec or Geneva, the most romantic places in Paris, using a personal shopper at the Galeries Lafayette, and so on.

I mean, I know I sound like a commercial but it is seriously cool and a great way to start off any class – listening and culture all rolled into one!

Check it out…and be amazed!

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